Is Your Windows 10 Lagging Already? Follow These Tips to Make it Run Faster

Or maybe it is not lagging at all, but nonetheless, you can make it run faster. If you are a newbie, get rid of all those extra apps inside the OS that makes it look great but you don’t need it. There are many more processes to make Windows faster, but the methods you are trying might still not be working. Well, we have some tips for you too. Give them a try once. Also, if you don’t have Windows 10 and running older versions of Windows, do yourself a favor and buy windows 10 pro key here. And if you already have one, follow these tips.

  1. Change your power settings

You might not be aware that Windows 10 actually comes with a Power Saver Plan. It gets your money saved on the energy bills, it tends to affect the performance of your computer too. This can be done by Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options. You are now presented with two options: Balanced and Power Saver. You can also have a look at the Additional Options, where you will be able to select the High Performance setting.

  1. Close the unnecessary apps running in the background

When you start Windows 10, there are many programs that start running right away. Certainly, the OS has been designed in such a way to make things easier for the user. But it comes at a cost of affecting the performance and speed of the system itself. In order to put a stop to this go to Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Escape. You will see a start up tab where all the processes are revealed to you when you start Windows 10. Select the programs that are unnecessary to you at the moment, right click on them and select disable. The more processes you disable, the faster your Windows 10 will run.

  1. Bid goodbye to the adorable animations

Certainly those cute animations make your desktop look adorable. But this comes at a heavy price of affected performance of your PC. If you want to run the Windows 10 faster, you need to make some tweaks. Head to the search box and type sysdm.cpl. This summons the System Properties list. You will be presented with a range of options to keep or eliminate the animations that tend to slow down Windows 10.