Faster & Smoother E-Challan Payment

There are more than 300 million smartphone users in the country today. Needless to say, they are the lucky ones to be able to enjoy the benefits of the technological revolution called the internet. It has been forecasted that there would be about 730 million internet users and 702 million smartphone users by 2020 (courtesy report by NASSCOM and AKAMAI in April 2016). It is, therefore, no big deal if service providers of different kinds of services have now aligned themselves technologically that they are able to accept online payments and transfers against mobile recharges, postpaid mobile connections, DTH recharges, e-booking of rail, bus and metro tickets, cinema tickets, e-challans, payments of monthly installments etc. It is imperative to mention here that e-commerce, involving selling and buying of products online have anyways been happening for some time now.

E-challans can be paid easily nowadays using a reseller site like Paytm or MobiKwik.

  • The first step is to open the website or the App of the reseller. For using either, you would be required to register as a user. Every time you need to use the reseller’s site or App, you would be prompted to login and then use the facilities.
  • Click on the e-challan logo
  • You would now require choosing and selecting the location of the concerned Traffic Authority for paying against the e-challan. For example, Paytm is tied up with the authorities in these cities – Andhra Pradesh, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Nasik, Pune, Telangana, Vijayawada, Vishakhapatnam Rural and West Godavari. MobiKwik, on the other hand, is associated with Andhra Pradesh, Mumbai and Pune traffic police.
  • Alternately you can also feed in your challan number or registration number or driving license number
  • Either way – you would then be asked to enter your vehicle number and the Challan Id.
  • The next screen will offer you the option to choose from four different payment methods – credit card, debit card, Net banking or e-wallet of the particular reseller. It is important to note here that while selecting a certain reseller, you would need to check if the retailer already has an e-wallet in place or not. E-wallets are one of the safest and easiest methods of paying online. However, e-wallets can be used while using the particular reseller only.
  • Depending on the mode of payment selected, the site or the App will process and interact with your bank/credit card company and check the balance in the e-wallet/bank and credit card account and then accordingly proceed ahead with a confirmation of payment or rejection of the transactions.

The status of the transaction is then immediately updated on your registered mobile number and email id.  This means that in case you are found to be driving rashly or violating any other traffic rules in your city and you have been issued an e-challan by the Traffic police in your locality, you can now use the particular traffic department website or a third party reseller sites/Apps to make payments online rather than use cash from your pocket.