CCTV for Jewelry Showrooms: Not an Option, But an Absolute Necessity

CCTVs are installed in many places today. For places like jewelry showrooms and banks, it is a mandatory requirement. It’s also important to opt for the best of CCTV systems that get regularly updated so that they are not susceptible to any kind of backdoor exploit. If you ask any thief about the targeted destinations that he longs to rob for the greatest robbery of his life, then jewelry showroom will definitely be on the top two options of his list.

Here’s why CCTV for jewelry showrooms is not an option but an absolute necessity.

  • Women love jewelry and so do the thieves. If diamonds are known to be a woman’s best friend, they hold the same significance for the thieves too. To secure your showroom from all those thieves who are eyeing it, installing a CCTV surveillance system is a must. It a proven and effective tool to keep vigil both inside and outside the store.
  • It is not possible to keep an eye on every nook and corner inside the store by hiring guards. They can also be distracted while keeping an eye at the entrance. These cameras, however, work relentlessly without getting tired and record each and every happening.
  • You need multiple guards to provide security round the clock. Even then, you can’t be sure that they are doing it efficiently. In case of any incident, there is no proof to nab a culprit. With a surveillance system in place, the recordings can be used by the investigators to nab the culprit. They can also be presented as proof in the court of law if required.
  • The installation of these cameras also helps in keeping an eye on the employees as well as the customers. There have been many cases where the employees of the showroom have been the culprits. If they know that they are being watched, it deters them from stealing or doing anything malicious. The same goes for customers. Many criminals enter the showroom in the disguise of customers and dupe them by either stealing or replacing the original pieces with fake ones. At times, the thieves who plan a major robbery also come posing as a customer to see the security arrangements and if they find that proper surveillance is in place they often change their destination.
  • The surveillance systems also have the option of sending instant alerts in case a trouble occurs. This is often very helpful in minimizing the losses.

In a nutshell, advanced CCTV surveillance is an efficient and effective tool to keep proper vigil in a place like a jewelry showroom. This is because valuables are spread all over the store and a strict security and discipline are required. Having one or two security guards at the entrance alone is not enough to provide the level of security that a jewelry showroom requires. Hence, CCTV is not an option but an absolute necessity for these places.